Professions and Skills for the Industries of the Future
Transformation of Education and Breakthrough Knowledge Building for the Opportunities of the Sixth Technological Revolution
Digitalization of Educational Institutions
New approaches to expand the geography of the university's influence, attract new students from all over the world and generate additional income through distance programs
Adapting to the Transforming Environment
Implementation of Reskilling Programs
Launch of highly profitable educational products in new professions and relevant skills to expand the sales funnel of major university programs
Key Focuses
Digitalization of Universities
Additional income from the online programs on your platform and Coursera
University Business Model Transformation
We invest resources in promoting courses on platforms to maximize overall profit
Actualizing of Education Programs
Build Trending Professions and New Skills for Workforce Recovery
Launch of Dynamic EdTech Projects
Development of projects that outstrip the challenges of the post-viral economy
About ETDF
The Educational Technologies Development Fund is an integration company aimed at transforming education and commercialising new forms of educational projects.
We combine modern technologies, advanced methodologists and authors of relevant content, developers of breakthrough technological solutions, progressive marketers and forward-thinking investors into a single product pool.
Our task is to adapt educational processes to the demands and challenges of the modern era
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